Sorapis Stream

Sorapis Lake is an Analog photograph shot with Leicaflex SL on Lomography Metropolis 35mm Film. Digitized and sold as fine art print in limited series of 10. Can be purchased as exclusive print with destroyed 35mm negative and NFT as long as 10/10 are still available – price upon request. Also available as B/W upon request.

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Delivery estimation: Depending on print method up to 45 days. Price including shipping costs, excluding import taxes outside of Switzerland. Import taxes only apply to print laboratory prices, not the full product price! Depending on print method and size this is approximately 20 – 80% of the full price. All Polaroids are shipped from Austria. VAT-free as per Austrian law (Kleinunternehmerregelung).

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Actual color may vary from screen representation. Sizes represent the size of the actual photo paper, the image size may need to be adjusted due to ratio. Every order is custom produced and can therefore not be returned.

About Aaron Farrag

I have been running around with a camera in hand since I was about five years old (1993) and I have always loved how photography takes one precise moment in time, that the photographer chose and saved for as long as the picture survives.

Over the years I have done many kinds of photography and have enjoyed most of them in one way or another and learned from every single one. Product photography, fashion, landscapes, sports, portraits, nudes, travel, artistic, underwater and many more. Each category has its own special tricks and challenges.

What I have always kept constant in whatever field of photography was my focus on delivering the best possible quality with the tools, knowledge, time and budget I have at hand. Quality is not always to do something flawless; it can also mean doing something flawed with a special purpose to it, making it part of the message or simply the art and making something unique.