Welcome to AFFA – Aaron Farrag Fine Art and thank you for your interest in my person and products

I have been running around with a camera in hand since I was about five years old (1993) and I have always loved how photography takes one precise moment in time, that the photographer chose and saved for as long as the picture survives.

The medium can do so much from simply keeping one’s personal memories, to keeping the world’s history alive, being an artistic medium, showing places around the globe to people who may not be so fortunate to travel there and so much more.

Over the years I have done many kinds of photography, also professionally in Berlin for several years, and have enjoyed most of them in one way or another and learned from every single one. Product photography, fashion, landscapes, sports, portraits, nudes, travel, artistic, underwater and many more. Each category has its own special tricks and challenges.

What I have always kept constant in whatever field of photography, was my focus on delivering the best possible quality with the tools, knowledge, time and budget I have at hand. Quality is not always to do something flawless; it can also mean doing something flawed with a special purpose to it, making it part of the message or simply the art and making something unique.

Here I present you my version of high quality, some as flawless as possible, some flawed for one reason or another. What all have in common is, that they will be delivered to you on the best archival grade museum papers printed with inkjet pigment inks or other methods such as piezography or platinum/palladium exposures to give you a product which will surpass your lifetime and can be passed on to children and children’s children if properly cared for.

Every item is hand signed, numbered and authenticity-certified with a hologram sticker on the back. This assures that you will never buy a fake, the art will keep its price when being resold and that each and every image is really only sold to the number of its limitation worldwide. No matter what size it is purchased in, if an image is limited to ten, this will reduce the quantity available for all other sizes by one as well.

Any item purchased as 1/1 will also come with an NFT of that image upon request for no additional cost.

About Aaon Farrag a fine art photographer

Analog photography, platinum/palladium prints and even the high quality inkjet prints you receive from AFFA require lots of manual work and time with several production prints until the perfect final product is reached. For this reason the delivery time can be up to about 45 days and this is why the images are more expensive than something purchased from a regular store or home inkjet printer.

My color prints are guaranteed to remain color correct for 75 years if protected from UV light and piezography or platinum/palladium prints may remain good as new for well over 100 (theoretically 1000) years under perfect conditions. After that, the paper begins to deteriorate.

All prints are produced by and shipped from a very high quality photographic laboratory in Zürich, Switzerland.

I hope you can find something you like in my store. If not, I also do special requests and commercial work. Please feel free to contact me for the above purposes or for any questions you may have.

Enjoy life, enjoy art and enjoy AFFA.